Deter Moisture From Entering Your Basement Before Converting The Space To A Recreational Area

If you would like to turn part of your basement into a recreation area where you and your children can play board and floor games, but you are concerned about the moisture that accumulates inside of the basement during humid conditions or on rainy days, waterproofing your basement and installing a dehumidifier in the area where you will be playing games will ensure that the space stays dry and your equipment remains damage free. [Read More]

Three Options For Adding Insulation To A Finished Home

Do you ever wish that it had better insulation in your home? If so, there are a few options to consider. Of course, it is always easier to add insulation to your walls when the home is being built, but since you don't have this option, you need to consider some other ways to add insulation to your property. This article looks at three different ways that you can add insulation to your walls and floors. [Read More]

What If You Suspect There Is A Hidden Leak In Your Home?

Some leaks are noisy and easily found with a simple search. Some require an extensive search to detect them. Your first clue that you have a water leak might be your utility bill. If the leak continues, it will worsen and the damage to your flooring, foundation, or walls could be extensive. Therefore, leak detection is a top priority. If you suspect you have a hidden leak, here is what you need to know. [Read More]

Tips For A Better Interior Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint on your home can make it feel like new since everything seems brighter and clean afterward. Whether you are simply refreshing the old color or adding new, there are some things you want to do to make sure the job comes out looking as nice as possible. The following tips will help: Tip #1: Demolish the dust In many homes, it isn't realistic to move all the furniture out. [Read More]